Vandana Mehta

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Early neural activity, both prenatal spontaneous bursts and early visual experience, is believed to be important for dendritic proliferation and for the maturation of neural circuitry in the developing retina. In this study, we have investigated the possible role of early neural activity in shaping developing turtle retinal ganglion cell (RGC) dendritic(More)
In the developing CNS, GABA(A) responses switch from early excitation to late mature inhibition. The developmental factors that induce the polarity switch remain to be unraveled. Here, we bring the first experimental evidence in vivo in the retina that chronic activation of GABA(A) receptors is necessary for the switch to occur and for the chloride(More)
Low-frequency CTL and low-titer IgM responses against tumor-associated Ag MUC1 are present in cancer patients but do not prevent cancer growth. Boosting MUC1-specific immunity with vaccines, especially effector mechanisms responsible for tumor rejection, is an important goal. We studied immunogenicity, tumor rejection potential, and safety of three(More)
Postnatal day (P)20 rats are sensitive to CA1 injury following a single injection of kainic acid (KA) but are resistant to this injury when animals have a history of two neonatal seizures. We hypothesized that the two earlier seizures led to neuroprotection by a preconditioning mechanism. Therefore, morphology, [Ca(2+)](i) and NMDA subunit proteins of the(More)
Mature retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) have distinct morphologies that often reflect specialized functional properties such as On and Off responses. But the structural correlates of many complex receptive field (RF) properties (e.g. responses to motion) remain to be deciphered. In this study, we have investigated whether motion anisotropies(More)
Alcohol produces contraction of isolated frog rectus abdominis muscle in a dose dependent manner. In the present study interactions of pancuronium, gallamine and succinylcholine with ethanol have been studied. Pancuronium and gallamine behaved in a non-competitive manner with ethanol. The PD'2 values of pancuronium and gallamine were almost similar.(More)
India prospered following its economic liberalization in 1991. However, millions remained poor and lacked access even to basic financial services like banking. Banks turned to self-service technologies (SST) technologies like ATMs and online banking to expand reach. However, these SSTs were not very successful in overcoming infrastructural, socioeconomic(More)
Ethanol produces alterations in muscular contraction and neuromuscular function both in vitro and in vivo in mammalian and amphibian tissues in dose dependent manner. It is not very well known whether gallamine, a commonly used muscle relaxant produces any interaction with ethanol. Hence in the present study, interactions of ethanol with gallamine are(More)
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