Vandana Mehta

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The repression of alkaline protease synthesis from alkaliphilic actinomycete was studied by using glucose, peptone, yeast extract, KH2PO4 and amino acids; tyrosine, tryptophan, lysine, and arginine. There was a critical limit of stimulation of enzyme production by these components. Crude components such as molasses, wheat flour, and wheat bran were found to(More)
The present study describes the topography and morphometry of a unilateral ossified sacrotuberous ligament. It aims to discuss its anatomical, radiological and clinical implications. The pudendal nerve, internal pudendal artery, nerve to obturator internus and coccygeal branch of inferior gluteal artery are all-important structures near sacrotuberous(More)
Early neural activity, both prenatal spontaneous bursts and early visual experience, is believed to be important for dendritic proliferation and for the maturation of neural circuitry in the developing retina. In this study, we have investigated the possible role of early neural activity in shaping developing turtle retinal ganglion cell (RGC) dendritic(More)
In the developing CNS, GABA(A) responses switch from early excitation to late mature inhibition. The developmental factors that induce the polarity switch remain to be unraveled. Here, we bring the first experimental evidence in vivo in the retina that chronic activation of GABA(A) receptors is necessary for the switch to occur and for the chloride(More)
Movements of the thumb are carried out by extrinsic and intrinsic muscles and have immense phylogenetic and evolutionary significance. The number, length, and thickness of APL accessory tendons may have a functional role in the etiology of DeQuervain’s stenosing tenovaginitis. Thus, precise knowledge of the variations in this region is important for hand(More)
Variant branching pattern of the cords of brachial plexus coupled with erroneous communications has been an area of concern for surgeons opting to explore this region. Anaesthetic blocks and surgical approaches are the highlights of these interventions, where a keen familiarization of the anatomy of this region is mandatory. The present case description(More)
Descriptions of the variant hepatic arterial pattern are common and frequently reported in anatomy archives. We describe a noteworthy deviation from the usual branching pattern in a single cadaver. There was a unique division of the hepatic artery proper into two right gastric arteries (RGAs), apart from the usual branches. Furthermore, an arterial loop was(More)
The present paper reports a rare anomalous muscle in the gluteal region, which appears to be a conglomeration of gluteus maximus and piriformis muscles. The muscle was proximally attached to the gluteus maximus and distally merged with the piriformis muscle. The innervation of the anomalous muscle was derived from the inferior gluteal nerve. Recognition of(More)
INTRODUCTION The present study aims to assess different morphometric parameters of condylar and intercondylar surface of tibia and to compile the results, analyze and formulate a baseline data for future studies with relevance to Indian population and also to compare the current data with accessible literature for pertinent surgical utilities. Morphometric(More)