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Pharmacokinetics of topically applied sparfloxacin in rabbits.
The sparfloxacin levels in aqueous humour of rabbits are sufficiently high up to the 6 hours after instillation in the conjunctival sac to provide bactericidal effect against most of the ocular pathogens.
Absorption of Herbinol—A Polyherbal Topical Cream
The absorption studies performed with the topical antiseptic polyherbal cream Herbinol showed quantifiable serum concentrations of rottlerin and munjistin two hours after application, which showed antimicrobial efficacy at the measured concentrations and thus have clinical significance.
Antimicrobial activity of herbal mouth wash - Arowash liquid.
Plants have been used for the treatment of diseases all over the world before the advent of modern clinical drugs and are known to contain substances that can be used for therapeutic purposes or as
Analysis and Quality Control of Polyherbal Drugs. A Focus on the Herbal Cream Herbinol
As the demand for the herbal products increased, a number of commercial concerns have started manufacturing these drugs and making them available in different forms through phar­ macies, a great majority of such medicaments do not even carry the expiry date.
Reversal of neuro-inflammation and oxidative stress by polyherbal formulation in an animal model of chronic unpredictable mild stress
Clinical evidence suggested that antidepressant drugs are effective in treating depressive episodes, but less efficacious in recurrent depression and in preventing relapse.