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Models for the polymerization process involved in prion self-replication are well-established and studied [H. Engler, J. Pruss, and G.F. Webb, Analysis of a model for the dynamics of prions II, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 324 (2006), pp. 98-117; M.L. Greer, L. Pujo-Menjouet, and G.F. Webb, A mathematical analysis of the dynamics of prion proliferation, J. Theoret.(More)
Growth and patterning of craniofacial sutures is subjected to the effects of mechanical stress. Mechanotransduction processes occurring at the margins of the sutures are not precisely understood. Here, we propose a simple theoretical model based on the orientation of collagen fibres within the suture in response to local stress. We demonstrate that fibre(More)
We consider the radiative transfer equation (RTE) with reflection in a three-dimensional domain, infinite in two dimensions, and prove an existence result. Then, we study the inverse problem of retrieving the optical parameters from boundary measurements, with help of existing results by Choulli and Stefanov. This theoretical analysis is the framework of an(More)
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