Van Viet Man Le

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Recently, application of ultrasound has attracted considerable interest as an alternative approach to traditional methods. In this study, response surface methodology (RSM) was used to optimize the conditions for grape mash treatment by ultrasound and by combination of ultrasound and enzyme. The results indicated that optimal conditions were the temperature(More)
Ethanol fermentation was carried out with Kluyveromyces marxianus cells at various temperatures (30, 35, 40, and 45 °C). Fermentation performance of the immobilized yeast on banana leaf sheath pieces and the free yeast were evaluated and compared. Generally, ethanol production of the immobilized and free yeast was stable in a temperature range of 30-40 °C.(More)
Mixtures of coconut milk and gelatin solution were treated by ultrasound, mixed with maltodextrin and subsequently spray-dried to yield powder. The effects of ultrasonic power and sonication time on the microencapsulation efficiency (ME) and microencapsulation yield (MY) of coconut fat were investigated. The results indicated that increase in ultrasonic(More)
Ethanol fermentation with Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells was performed in medium with different glucose concentrations. As the glucose content augmented from 200 to 250 g/L, the growth of the immobilized cells did not change while that of the free cells was reduced. At higher glucose concentration (300, 350, and 400 g/L), the cell proliferation(More)
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