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For more than three-quarters of a century it has been assumed that basal metabolic rate increases as body mass raised to some power p. However, there is no broad consensus regarding the value of p: whereas many studies have asserted that p is 3/4 (refs 1-4; 'Kleiber's law'), some have argued that it is 2/3 (refs 5-7), and others have found that it varies(More)
Increases in the frequency, severity and duration of temperature extremes are anticipated in the near future. Although recent work suggests that changes in temperature variation will have disproportionately greater effects on species than changes to the mean, much of climate change research in ecology has focused on the impacts of mean temperature change.(More)
Vascular networks are widely thought to be organized to traffic oxygen and dissolved chemicals to tissues as efficiently as possible. Yet the kinetics of oxygen disassociation require that red blood cells travel through each capillary at approximately the same rate, and it is not known how vascular networks realize uniform flow across fine vessels(More)
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