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INTRODUCTION The objective of the present study was to review all cases of infective endocarditis at our hospital between 2002 and 2006 concerning the bacteriological aetiology and outcomes. MATERIAL AND METHODS This is a retrospective study based on medical records from patients in whom the discharge diagnosis infective endocarditis was established(More)
Clones of a Babesia bovis isolate known to cause particularly severe cerebral babesiosis were tested for virulence phenotype by inoculation of cattle. Clones were selected for phenotyping by two criteria – rate of growth in culture and hybridization of a virulence-related probe to Southern blots. Largely on the basis of associated mortality, B. bovis clones(More)
Objective of the current study was to evaluate proportions of frontal facial soft-tissues of Vietnamese females correspond to the golden proportion (GP). MATERIAL AND METHODS Sixty frontal facial photographs of Vietnamese female students aged 19 years were selected. The selected participants had symmetrical face, a Class I relationship occlusion, complete(More)
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