Van Hieu Nguyen

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This paper studied the effects of increased carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) supplementation in pond production of Artemia franciscana cysts in southern Vietnam. Pig manure and tapioca were used to supplement the natural food of Artemia in the ponds at a fixed C/N ratio 10. Addition of pig manure and tapioca at a standard rate (0.210 kg ww and 0.319 kg dw pond−1(More)
Ultrasensitive and selective hydrogen gas sensor is vital component in safe use of hydrogen that requires a detection and alarm of leakage. Herein, we fabricated a H2 sensing devices by adopting a simple design of planar-type structure sensor in which the heater, electrode, and sensing layer were patterned on the front side of a silicon wafer. The SnO2 thin(More)
The efficiency of a solar cell depends on both the quality of its semiconductor active layer, as well as on the presence of other dielectric and metallic structural components which improve light trapping and exploit plasmonic enhancement. The purpose of this work is to review the results of recent research on light trapping and plasmonic enhancement in(More)
The aim of this topical review is a systematic and concise presentation of the results of a series of theoretical works on the quantum dynamics of two-spin-qubit systems towards the elaboration of a physical mechanism of the quantum information transfer between two spin-qubits. For this purpose the main attention is paid to exactly solvable models of(More)
The efficiency of the application of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) technique to each specified purpose significantly depends on the choice of the SERS substrate with an appropriate structure as well as on its performance. Until the present time a rich variety of SERS substrates was fabricated. They can be classified according to their(More)
In this paper, the authors present some problems occurring during UHF RFID tag design and fabrication process. A tag antenna must be conjugately matched to a tag IC chip (on the example of ST Microelectronics XRAG2 chip) at the resonant frequency with larger bandwidth and have dipole radiation patterns with sufficient gain. Another example of RFID tag was(More)
Monitoring toxic chlorine (Cl2) at the parts-per-billion (ppb) level is crucial for safe usage of this gas. Herein, ZnO, WO3, and SnO2 nanowire sensors were fabricated using an on-chip growth technique with chemical vapor deposition. The Cl2 gas-sensing characteristics of the fabricated sensors were systematically investigated. Results demonstrated that(More)
Synthesis of ultrathin ZnO nanowires gains great attention from research community because of their large potential in applications involving optoelectronics and sensors. In this study, a lowpressure and low-temperature hydrothermal synthesis of ultrathin ZnO nanowires is studied to understand the growth mechanisms better. To achieve this aim, an about 10(More)