Van Cain

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The subjective assessment of scar appearance is a widely used method in the evaluation of burn outcomes and the efficacy of treatment methods. The purpose of this study is to design a numeric scar-rating scale with better interrater reliability than has previously been reported. The rating scale assesses scar surface, thickness, border height, and color(More)
Objective. This analysis focuses on the effect of depression on the cost of hospitalization of stroke patients. Methods. Data on 17,010 stroke patients (primary diagnosis) were extracted from 2008 Tennessee Hospital Discharge Data System. Three groups of patients were compared: (1) stroke only (S(O), n = 7,850), (2) stroke + depression (S(+D), n = 3,965),(More)
AIMS To examine the variation in risk factors and hospitalization costs among four elderly dementia cohorts by race and gender. MATERIALS AND METHODS The 2008 Tennessee Hospital Discharged database was examined. The prevalence, risk factors and cost of inpatient care of dementia were examined for individuals aged 65 years and above, across the four race(More)
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