Vanúzia G Menezes

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The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of Amburana cearensis extract during caprine ovarian tissue transportation on the survival of preantral follicles in vitro. HPLC was used to determine the fingerprint chromatogram of the ethanolic extract. Five goat ovarian pairs were divided into fragments. One fragment was fixed for histology and(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of ovarian tissue transportation conditions (medium and period of time) on the morphology, apoptosis and development of ovine preantral follicles cultured in vitro. Each ovarian pair was cut into nine slices, with one fragment being fixed immediately (fresh control). The remaining fragments were placed(More)
This study was conducted to detect the protein expression of TNF-α system members (TNF-α/TNFR1/TNFR2) in bovine ovarian follicles and to evaluate the effects of TNF-α or dexamethasone on the survival and growth of primordial follicles in vitro, as well as on gene expression in cultured ovarian tissue. It was hypothesized that TNF-α induces follicular(More)
This study evaluated the receptor- and/or antioxidant stress-mediated mechanisms by which melatonin prevents the ovarian toxicity of cisplatin treatment. The expression of the MT1 receptor in mouse ovaries was investigated by immunohistochemistry. Pretreatment with melatonin (5, 10, or 20 mg/kg body weight, i.p.) before cisplatin (5 mg/kg body weight, i.p.)(More)
The antioxidant properties of Amburana cearensis extract may be a useful substitute for standard cell culture medium. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of this extract, with or without supplementation, on in vitro survival and development of sheep isolated secondary follicles. After collection of the ovaries, secondary follicles were(More)
The aims of this study were to characterize EGF protein expression in ovine ovaries and to verify the effect of EGF on the in vitro development of isolated pre-antral follicles. After collection, ovarian tissue was fixed for immunohistochemical analysis. Additional pairs of ovaries were collected, and secondary follicles were cultured for 18 days in(More)
The present study evaluated the effect of addition of rutin alone or combined with other antioxidants (transferrin, selenium and ascorbic acid) present in the culture medium on the in vitro development of ovine isolated secondary follicles. After collection of the sheep ovaries, secondary follicles (200-230 μm) were isolated and cultured for 12 days in(More)
This study evaluated the effect of the protocatechuic acid (PCA) as the sole antioxidant in the base medium for in vitro culture of ovine secondary follicles. Secondary follicles (200-230 μm) were isolated and cultured in α-minimal essential medium supplemented with BSA, insulin, glutamine and hypoxanthine (α-MEM: antioxidant-free medium) or α-MEM also(More)
The worldwide consumption of red wine, nuts and grapes has resulted in increased human exposure to resveratrol, which could affect reproductive function. However, the effect of resveratrol on in vitro culture of early-stage ovarian follicles has never been investigated. The aims of the present study were to evaluate the effect of resveratrol on sheep(More)
The effects of Amburana cearensis ethanolic extract, with or without addition of a mix of supplements associated or not with FSH, on in vitro morphology and development of caprine secondary follicles were evaluated. In experiment 1, isolated follicles (250 μm in diameter) were cultured for 12 days in alpha-modified minimal essential medium (α-MEM) alone(More)