Vamık D Volkan

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People with schizophrenia lack the ability to develop--to differentiate and integrate--their self- and object-representations, and suffer from primitive 'object-relations' conflicts, which occur when they try to develop (to differentiate and integrate) their self- and object-world. When a therapist interacts beneficially with a schizophrenic patient and(More)
A comprehensive understanding of international and interethnic conflict must include a psychological dimension. This paper explores concepts of individual and large-group identity, their inherent connection, and some essential large-group rituals that aim to repair and maintain them. Human psychological development not only involves dynamics associated with(More)
Characteristics by which to classify a woman as authentically transsexual are offered from earlier investigations and supplemented by findings from recent work with this type of patient. Developmental issues are discussed and six psychodynamic accompaniments listed. A case demonstrates how to identify the true female transsexual and how to understand her(More)
This article offers a review of the psychoanalytic and psychiatric literature on symptom formation and individual and collective character changes triggered by war or by similarly violent civil upheaval. It is suggested that each such event should be studied by itself since many different circumstances can bring man to acts of aggression. The effects of the(More)
This paper offers a study of the ways in which a war and its consequences affect psychologically those on the victorious side. The subjects of my study are the Turks of Cyprus; I will report on the psychological processes dominant among them--their attempts at mourning to achieve a new adaptation--during the year after the Turkish occupation of the northern(More)