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Tosylation and acylation of cellulose were performed under mild reaction conditions using imidazolium based ionic liquids (ILs) as solvents. The non-degradative nature, lower viscosity, as well as higher solubility of cellulose in [amim]Cl encouraged us to carry out the reactions in this media. The reactions described here were optimised for this particular(More)
Near-forward scattering by cloud droplets is known to give rise to colored rings, centered on the Sun or the Moon, which are called the corona. Because of the spherical shape of the droplets, the corona can be circular. A Finnish amateur astronomers' network has found a corona, in a seemingly cloudless sky, with a regular vertically elliptical shape. The(More)
High-molecular-weight celluloses (which even include bacterial cellulose) can be dissolved fully in methyltrioctylphosphonium acetate/[D6 ]DMSO solutions to allow the measurement of resonance-overlap-free 1 D and 2 D NMR spectra. This is achieved by a simple and non-destructive dissolution method, without solvent suppression, pre-treatment or deuteration of(More)
Aims. We applied the Continuous Period Search (CPS) method to 14 yr of V-band photometry of the active G6.5 solar analog V352 CMa. Our aim was to show that CPS can successfully model the presence or absence of periodicity in low-amplitude light curves. Methods. CPS computes values for the mean brightness, photometric period, amplitude and minimum of(More)
Quantitative NMR has become increasingly useful and popular in recent years, with many new and emerging applications in metabolomics, quality control, reaction monitoring and other types of mixture analysis. While sensitive and simple to acquire, the low resolving power of 1D (1)H NMR spectra can be a limiting factor when analyzing complex mixtures. This(More)
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