Valter Sittoni

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The short latency auditory electrical response (BSER) was evaluated in 15 patients suffering from spino-cerebellar atrophy (SCA). All patients had normal hearing and presented with various degrees of neurological involvement. BSER findings along with clinical symptoms furnished the following grouping of results: 1 Patients with recent and mild(More)
The present study deals with 832 ossicular chain reconstruction procedures performed in 655 patients from January 1975 to December 1985. Homograft and autograft ossicles, intraoperatively minisculptured according to personal or traditional techniques, were used in 626 ears (75.2%). In the remaining 206 ears Plastipore or Proplast total or partial ossicular(More)
Seventy-three otosclerotic patients, 138 subjects who had undergone stapes surgery (50 total stapedectomies, 43 stapedotomies with stapedius tendon section and 45 stapedotomies with stapedius tendon preservation) and 70 normal controls were investigated by susceptance multiple frequency tympanometry. The aims were to evaluate the efficiency of this(More)
Thirteen individuals with unilateral Menière's disease were chosen for experimental chemical labyrinthectomy. All subjects suffered from frequent attacks of disabling vertigo and had mean pure-tone thresholds greater than 50 dB in the affected ear. The surgical procedure was similar to stapedectomy; after removal of the stapes, several crystals of NaCl were(More)
A comprehensive endocrinologic evaluation of water electrolyte balance system was performed on 25 patients with Meniere's disease, 6 persons with sudden deafness, and 20 normal persons. In the controlled environment, the following studies were performed: (1) plasma and urine NA+K+ and Cl-, (2) plasma 17-ketosteroid and 17-hydroxysteroids, (3) plasma(More)
The gain in hearing as a result of ossicular prosthesis ( TORP ) placement on the stapes footplate was evaluated in 10 patients during actual middle ear reconstructive surgery. The patients with radical mastoidectomy cavities were operated on under local anaesthesia and intra-operative hearing was tested with the TORP shaft in three positions with regard to(More)
The goal of our study was to estimate the presence (or absence) of latero-cervical nodal metastases (pN+), in patients with squamous oropharyngeal cancer, correlating this finding with T stage. We examined 255 patients out of 329 affected by squamous oropharyngeal cancer, from 1976 to 2005. The 255 patients examined were treated surgically (both T and N).(More)
Stapedectomy and stapedotomy are presently the techniques utilized in the surgical treatment of otosclerosis. The technique of choice at the ENT Department of the University of Verona has changed from stapedectomy to stapedotomy with and without stapedius tendon preservation. From January 1975 to December 1985, 805 ears were operated on for otosclerosis at(More)