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A formulation is presented for the application of tools from quantum chemistry and transition-state theory to phenomenologically cover cases where reaction rates deviate from Arrhenius law at low(More)
The OH + HCl → H2 O + Cl reaction is one of the most studied four-body systems, extensively investigated by both experimental and theoretical approaches. Here, as a continuation of our previous work(More)
The recognition of the solvent effect on the enol–enol tautomerism in curcumin can guide the rationalization of systems of chemical and biological interest. Although the phenomenon is widely studied,(More)
The present paper concludes our series of kinetics studies on the reactions involved in the complex mechanism of nitrogen trifluoride decomposition. Two other related reactions that, along with this(More)
This paper is part of a series aiming at elucidating the mechanisms involved in the non-Arrhenius behavior of the four-body OH + HX (X = H, F,Cl, Br and I) reactions. These reactions are very(More)