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Some anatomo-functional alterations of the nose may be considered as possible causes of headache: deviations of the nasal septum, abnormal turbinates, especially middle or superior, with consequent areas of mucosal contact with the septum. This study was performed on 100 subjects, 27 chronic migraine (CM) sufferers and 73 subjects who never suffered from(More)
A highly integrated 40Gbit/s coherent optical receiver is reported using a Costas loop as a homodyne optical phase locked loop (OPLL). A photonic IC, an electrical IC, and a hybrid loop filter are characterized, and the feedback loop system is fully analyzed to build a stable homodyne OPLL. All components are integrated on a single substrate within the(More)
We demonstrate a greater than 42 dB optical distribution network power budget in the upstream of a 1.25 Gbps self-coherent reflective PON after 100 km of installed fibers, using off-the-shelf optoelectronic components, improving our previous result by 4 dB. We discuss all system optimizations introduced in the setup in order to reach such a result,(More)
  • Andrea Ferrero, Valeria Teppati, A Ferrero, U Pisani, G Ruttan, B Grossman +13 others
  • 2012
Research area and applications Laboratory hardware capabilities Research area and applications Microwave measurements of passive and active Commercial hardware: • 4 Network Analyzers (up to 40 GHz) • 4 microwave sources/signal Linear measurements Application examples • 4 microwave sources/signal generators • Spectrum Analyzer • Noise sources Two-port(More)