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Sperm recovery from the cauda epididymis can be very advantageous, for example, in case of the unexpected death of a genetically highly valuable animal, for preserving endangered species, or when the(More)
In order to improve the efficiency of bovine sperm cryopreservation process, it is important to understand how spermatozoa respond to differences in temperature as well as the ability to recover its(More)
The maintaining of the epididymis at lower temperatures during storage and transport improves sperm quality. Our study aimed to test whether epididymis storage temperature (post-mortem) and sperm(More)
Studies have reported the importance of mitochondria in sperm functionality. However, for some species, the glycolytic pathway appears to be as important as oxidative phosphorylation in ATP synthesis(More)
The objective was to determine if treatment with dexamethasone (to mimic stress) has a deleterious effect on the spermiogram and on the composition of seminal plasma in the dog and whether adverse(More)