Valmik Desai

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The Onto-Tools suite is composed of an annotation database and eight complementary, web-accessible data mining tools: Onto-Express, Onto-Compare, Onto-Design, Onto-Translate, Onto-Miner, Pathway-Express, Promoter-Express and nsSNPCounter. Promoter-Express is a new tool added to the Onto-Tools ensemble that facilitates the identification of transcription(More)
The unparalleled growth in the availability of genomic data offers both a challenge to develop orthology detection methods that are simultaneously accurate and high throughput and an opportunity to improve orthology detection by leveraging evolutionary evidence in the accumulated sequenced genomes. Here, we report a novel orthology detection method, termed(More)
In this article, we present a new method termed CatFam (Catalytic Families) to automatically infer the functions of catalytic proteins, which account for 20-40% of all proteins in living organisms and play a critical role in a variety of biological processes. CatFam is a sequence-based method that generates sequence profiles to represent and infer protein(More)
BACKGROUND Sample storage conditions, extraction methods, PCR primers, and parameters are major factors that affect metagenomics analysis based on microbial 16S rRNA gene sequencing. Most published studies were limited to the comparison of only one or two types of these factors. Systematic multi-factor explorations are needed to evaluate the conditions that(More)
The advent of high throughput sequencing and DNA microarray technologies along with the advances in bioinformatics have revolutionized biological research in the recent years. However, the precise mechanisms that control gene expression are largely unknown despite the numerous efforts to understand them. We describe a bioinformatics technique that can(More)
The concept of orthology is key to decoding evolutionary relationships among genes across different species using comparative genomics. QuartetS is a recently reported algorithm for large-scale orthology detection. Based on the well-established evolutionary principle that gene duplication events discriminate paralogous from orthologous genes, QuartetS has(More)
BACKGROUND The annotation of genomes from next-generation sequencing platforms needs to be rapid, high-throughput, and fully integrated and automated. Although a few Web-based annotation services have recently become available, they may not be the best solution for researchers that need to annotate a large number of genomes, possibly including proprietary(More)
BACKGROUND Protein structures are critical for understanding the mechanisms of biological systems and, subsequently, for drug and vaccine design. Unfortunately, protein sequence data exceed structural data by a factor of more than 200 to 1. This gap can be partially filled by using computational protein structure prediction. While structure prediction Web(More)
Automated protein function prediction methods are needed to keep pace with high-throughput sequencing. With the existence of many programs and databases for inferring different protein functions, a pipeline that properly integrates these resources will benefit from the advantages of each method. However, integrated systems usually do not provide mechanisms(More)