Valliammai Thirunavukkarasu

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This study investigated the effect of administration of α-lipoic acid (LA) on lipid metabolism in high fructose– fed insulin-resistant rats. High-fructose feeding (60 g/100 g diet) to normal rats resulted in a significant increase in the concentrations of cholesterol, triglycerides (TGs), free fatty acids (FFAs), and phospholipids in plasma, liver, kidney ,(More)
A variant form of the human oestrogen receptor (ER) mRNA lacking sequences encoded within exon 5 has been described (Fuqua SAW, Fitzgerald SD, Chamness GC, Tandon AK, McDonnell DP, Nawaz Z, O'Malloy BW, McGuire WL 1991, Cancer Res 51: 105-109). We have examined the expression of the exon 5-deleted ER (HE delta5) mRNA variant in breast biopsies using reverse(More)
Nonenzymatic glycation of proteins, leading to chemical modification and cross-linking are of importance in the pathology of diabetic complications. We studied the effect alpha-lipoic acid (LA) on the content and characteristics of the protein collagen from skin of high-fructose fed rats. The rats were divided into 4 groups of 6 each. Two groups of rats(More)
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