Vallath Balakrishnan

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The oat-cell carcinoma is more frequently found in the lungs, but has been described in other organs. It is a rare but aggressive tumor and its prognosis is dismal. The longest survival time reported is 22 months. In our patient was 15 months. We treated at the National Cancer Institute of Panama a 52-year-old patient with oat-cell carcinoma of the(More)
We report a rare case of intramedullary ancient schwannoma of cervical spinal cord in a 68 year old patient. About 49 cases of intramedullary schwannomas and neurofibromas have been reported in the literature but to our knowledge there is no report of the 'ancient' variety of intramedullary schwannoma. The cell of origin of these tumours is the schwann(More)
The aetiologic fractions due to smoking and chewing tobacco have been quantified for the first time, for cancers of the oral cavity, oropharynx, hypopharynx, larynx and oesophagus. The overall aetiologic fractions due to smoking and/or chewing tobacco have been found to be 70% for cancer of the oral cavity, 84% for the oropharynx, and about 75% for the(More)
Background: Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) constitute a large majority of mesenchymal tumors of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, which express the c-kit proto-oncogene protein, a cell membrane receptor with tyrosine kinase activity. GI stromal tumors of the stomach are usually associated with bleeding, abdominal pain or a palpable mass.
We report a case of juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma of the hypothalamic/chiasmatic region with cerebrospinal fluid dissemination in a 16-month old girl. The tumour in this case had unusual histological features including the abundance of myxoid background, the absence of Rosenthal fibres and the presence of an angiocentric pattern. These features are(More)
A 63-year-old male was admitted with complaints of upper gastrointestinal symptoms with fatigue and myalgia. Investigations revealed severe hyponatremia with elevated creatine phosphokinase levels. Following further workup, it was diagnosed as a case of hyponatremia induced rhabdomyolysis. Because of prompt correction of hyponatremia, his renal function was(More)
Meningeal melanocytomas are rare tumours of the central nervous system, most commonly found in the intracranial compartment (posterior cranial fossa). Spinal lesions are uncommon, with the majority being intradural, extramedullary lesions. Intramedullary melanocytomas are extremely rare and are most commonly found in the thoracic region. We report a patient(More)
A 26-year-old lady was referred for evaluation of dyspha-gia. The patient had consumed 50 ml of organophosphorus (OP) components of liquid pesticide 4 months ago and was on ventilatory support with a tracheostomy tube because of OP-poisoning-induced respiratory failure. Treatment included injection of atropine, pralidoxime and other supportive care, and the(More)
The prebiotic-Mannanoligosaccharide (MOS) was extracted from yeast and copra meal and evaluated for their prebiotic potentiality on serum lipid profile and abdominal fat pad. The treatment groups were fed with basal diet (T). The basal diet was supplemented with extracted MOS from yeast [@ 0.5 g/kg 1 (T); 1 g/kg (T)] and from copra meal [@ 1 g/kg (T); 1.5(More)
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