Vallamkondu Jayalakshmi

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  • Assa Aravindh, Artoto Arkundato, +59 authors T. Uthayathasan
  • 2007
Novel extended tetrahedral forms of CO2 have been synthesized recently under high-pressure conditions. We perform ab initio density functional theory calculations to investigate whether doping with Si can extend the stability range of such tetrahedral forms of CO2 to ambient pressure. Calculations are performed with a simple cubic cell containing eight(More)
We report rheological, X-ray, and dielectric investigations on a chromonic liquid-crystalline system formed by aqueous solutions of a food coloring agent, Sunset Yellow, in the absence and upon addition of salt. The salt-concentration dependence of the steady-state viscosity at low shear rates has a non-monotonic variation and is qualitatively similar to(More)
Realization of mechanically robust electrically fast responding liquid crystal devices with low operating voltage is one of the current research interests. Here we report a gel system comprising a commercially available nematic liquid crystal material and a new monodisperse dipeptide liquid crystalline organogelator that results in these properties. The(More)
A new type of optical storage device is described employing a material consisting of a host nematic liquid crystal, a photoisomerisable azobenzene component and a photopolymerizable monomer. The principle of image storing involves selectively controlling the birefringence of the medium immediately prior to photopolymerization of the monomer. We show that(More)
Thermal and extensive rheological characterization of a nematic liquid crystal gelated with a novel monodisperse dipeptide, also a liquid crystal, has been carried out. For certain concentrations, the calorimetric scans display a two-peak profile across the chiral nematic-isotropic (N*-I) transition, a feature reminiscent of the random-dilution to(More)
We report on the temperature dependence of the response time for the photochemical and thermal back relaxation processes observed in a material exhibiting a photostimulated, isothermal nematic-isotropic phase transition. It is found that the time required for the system to achieve the photostationary state as well as to recover the original state after(More)
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