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BACKGROUND Various attempts have been made to reduce the incidence of fentanyl-induced cough during anesthesia induction. We hypothesized that an appropriate dose of propofol might suppress fentanyl-induced cough. OBJECTIVES A study had been designed to observe the effects of propofol on a fentanyl-induced cough during anesthesia induction. PATIENTS AND(More)
BACKGROUND Simple and efficient way of pain management after Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) surgery is an important aspect of patients' care. OBJECTIVES This study aimed to compare the effects of morphine and diclofenac suppositories on postoperative pain management. PATIENTS AND METHODS In this double-blinded clinical trial study, 120 patients(More)
BACKGROUND Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) triggers an inflammatory reaction, leading to the development of myocardial damage and dysfunction. It is suggested that selenium (Se), an essential trace element, has a protective role against oxidative stress. Decreased intraoperative Se levels might be an independent(More)
BACKGROUND In spite of significant improvements in surgical and anesthetic techniques, acute stress response to surgery remains a main cause of mortality and morbidity in coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery patients. Therefore, doing research to find safe and effective modalities with more cardio protective properties seems necessary. OBJECTIVES(More)
BACKGROUND Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is a common surgical intervention at the end-stages of coronary artery occlusion disease. Despite the effectiveness of CABG, it may have particular complications, such as bleeding during and after surgery. So far, there have been many drugs used to reduce bleeding. OBJECTIVES This study aimed at(More)
BACKGROUND Major surgeries such as open-heart surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass are associated with a complexity of stress response leading to post-operative complications. Studies have confirmed that anesthesia can mitigate the surgically induced stress response. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to compare the effects of propofol and isoflurane,(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac surgery is associated with some degree of myocardial injury. Preconditioning first described in 1986 was pharmacologic and non- pharmacologic. Among the long list of anesthetic drugs, isoflurane as an inhaling agent along with midazolam and propofol as injectable substances have been documented to confer some preconditioning effects on(More)
BACKGROUND Etomidate is a potent hypnotic agent with several desirable advantages such as providing a stable cardiovascular profile with minimal respiratory adverse effects and better hemodynamic stability compared with other induction agents. This drug is associated, however, with myoclonic movements which is characterized by a sudden, brief muscle(More)
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