Valery Volchkov

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Rats were exposed to inhalation of surfactant-BL starting from the first or eighth day after intratracheal administration of bleomycin. At the early stages, the preparation effectively attenuated damage to ultrastructural components of the lung tissue and reduced the severity and extent of subsequent pulmonary pathology.
Morphological and histoenzymatic changes in cells of the spinal cord and spinal ganglia after epidural injection of a combination of prosidol with clonidine were studied on dogs. No pathological structural and metabolic changes in the nervous tissue were found after combined treatment with the test drugs. Higher activity of nucleic acids and alkaline(More)
Morphofunctional and histoenzymological changes in spinal cord neurons of mongrel dogs were studied after epidural administration of isobaric 2% lidocaine solution. Control animals received epidural 0.9% sodium chloride. The results obtained from these studies provide evidence for the absence of pathological structural-metabolic changes in nerve tissue(More)
The morphological and histoenzymological changes in spinal neuron and in the spinal ganglia of outbred dogs were analyzed in the epidural administration of 2% solution of lydocaine. The results showed a lack of pathological or structural-and-metabolic changes in the nervous tissue. The morpho-functional reshaping occurring in the spinal cord cells and in(More)
  • V A Volchkov
  • 2002
Morphological, histochemical and histoenzymological changes in nervous tissue of the spinal cord and ganglium after epidural introduction of narcotic analgetic prosidol were studied in acute experiment on 12 mongrel dogs. Compared to control animals, no negative prosidol effects were found on the neuron structure and microcirculatory bed of nervous tissue.(More)
Rats were subjected to surfactant-BL inhalations at the early and late phases of bleomycininduced alveolitis. In both regimens, the drug reduced the severity of inflammation. In the acute phase of alveolitis, the therapeutic effect of inhalation was accompanied by activation of the synthesis of fine lose collagen fibrils. In the late phase of alveolitis,(More)
We analyzed morphological and histoenzymologic changes in spinal cord ganglionic neurons of mongrel dogs caused by epidural infusion of isobaric 2% lidocaine. Lidocaine produced no pathological structural and metabolic alterations in the nervous tissue. Both epidural infusion of 0.9% NaCl and lidocaine produced some morphofunctional rearrangements in spinal(More)
The morphological and histoenzymological changes in the spinal neurons and spinal ganglia of dogs were analyzed after epidural administration of a 2% solution of lidocaine in acute and chronic experiments. In the control group the animals were given epidural infusions of 0.9% saline. The results obtained have shown the absence of pathological structural and(More)
Time course of the major enzymes (SDH, LDH, GPDHcyt, GPDHmit, AP) and protein synthesis (DNA, RNA) in spinal neurons and spinal ganglia after epidural injection of clofelin were studied in an acute experiment on dogs. No physiological or neurological disorders or depriming effect of clofelin on the major enzymatic systems and protein synthesis in nervous(More)