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Rats were exposed to inhalation of surfactant-BL starting from the first or eighth day after intratracheal administration of bleomycin. At the early stages, the preparation effectively attenuated damage to ultrastructural components of the lung tissue and reduced the severity and extent of subsequent pulmonary pathology.
Surfactant-BL was administered to rats via the inhalation route from day 1 or day 8 after intratracheal injection of bleomycin. Bronchoalveolar lavage and morphological characteristics of the lungs were compared. Administration of surfactant-BL at the early terms efficiently reduced the severity of bleomycin-induced alveolitis and atelectases.
The characteristics of light scattering of cell suspensions in norm (pH 7,2, t=20degreesC) and upon external influences (change of pH and increase of tdegree). The turbidity tauapproximatelylambda-n and n=0,2--0,3 for cells in norm. After cell damage n increases. Dependence of n correlates with the increase of some injured cells determined by eozin test.(More)
The morphological and histoenzymological changes in the spinal neurons and spinal ganglia of dogs were analyzed after epidural administration of a 2% solution of lidocaine in acute and chronic experiments. In the control group the animals were given epidural infusions of 0.9% saline. The results obtained have shown the absence of pathological structural and(More)
A method of the local use of metronidazole dissolved in dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) for cervix uteri cancer patients was worked out. Applications of 1-2 g of metronidazole were well tolerated by the patients. Metronidazole concentrations in cervical tumors were high (about 1000 micrograms/g), in the blood they did not exceed 16 micrograms/ml. Experiments(More)
has advantages as an alternative to opiate analgesics for a variety of uses, including spinal administration methods, are currently used in clinical practice for the treatment of pain syndromes [1]. Clofelin, which stimulates α2 adrenoceptors located in the spinal cord, has been shown to induce analgesia [6]. Clofelin is as effective as morphine in terms of(More)
Experiments were carried out on 22 mongrel dogs (12-20 kg). Group 1 consisted of 5 dogs to which prosidol in a dose of 0.65 mg/kg was injected epidurally; group 2, 5 dogs, clofelin (6.5 micrograms/kg) epidurally; group 3, 5 dogs, prosidol (0.65 mg/kg) + clofelin (6.5 micrograms/kg) epidurally. Control groups were as follows: 1) 5 intact dogs; 2) 2 dogs(More)