Valery V. Obukhov

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Six-dimensional Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity (with a linear Gauss-Bonnet term) is investigated. This theory is inspired by basic features of results coming from string and M-theory. Dynamical compactification is carried out and it is seen that a four-dimensional accelerating FRW universe is recovered, when the two-dimensional internal space radius shrinks.(More)
To solve the problem of exact integration of the field equations or equations of motion of matter in curved spacetimes one can use a class of Riemannian metrics for which the simplest equations of motion can be integrated by the complete separation of variables method. Here, we consider the particular case of the class of Stäckel metrics. These metrics(More)
The classification problem for conformally-flat space-times that admit a separation of variables in the Hamilton-Jacobi equation of the scalar-tensor Brans-Dicke theory of gravity is examined. The field equations of the scalar-tensor theory of Brans and Dicke for conformally-flat Stackel space-times of type (1.1) are solved. An explicit form of the metric(More)
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