Valery Terletskiy

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SUMMARY A database for simulation of double digest selective label (DDSL) typing technique has been created and validated against a sequenced strain (Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium strain LT2). In silico bands were in agreement with experimental, and the technique was able to discriminate among strains belonging to the same species. When compared(More)
Fast microorganism genotyping technique has been developed with the use of the double distribution and selective labeling method (DDSL) for identification of disease-associated serotypes of Salmonella and Proteus strains. Isolates have been obtained from poultry tissues and dung from different places in various years. The results of strain genotyping(More)
Tracing transmission routes and identifying pathogen sources are important issues in preventive measures aimed at controlling human and animal infectious diseases. A fast and accurate method for bacterial strain identification (genotyping) allows a scientifically sound planning of preventive schemes. Despite the existence of numerous bacteri a genotyping(More)
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