Valery Tabakov

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Plasmid pTO1 containing the oriT fragment from RK2, the Escherichia coli replication function from pBR322, and a DNA fragment of actinophage phi C31 with the attachment site was transferred from E. coli S17-1 to strains of the genera Actinomadura, Arthrobacter, Micromonospora, Nocardia, Rhodococcus, and to 16 strains of the genus Streptomyces. The frequency(More)
We demonstrated the conjugative transfer of plasmid pTO1 from Escherichia coli S17-1 to different Rhodococcus spp. The plasmid contains the oriT fragment from RK2 and a fragment of Streptomyces φC31 actinophage with the attachment site and the integration genes. Experiments on hybridization showed that plasmid pTO1 is chromosomally integrated into the(More)
This report confirms experimental data on direct inhibitory effects of LH-RH agonists in growth control of human prostate cancer cells. The patient had hormone-refractory prostatic carcinoma after hormonal therapy, including orchiectomy, and responded successfully to a 6-month treatment with goserelin acetate (3.6 mg depot s.c.). The treatment has led to a(More)
Analysis of the main principles of classifi cation and development of nutrient media used for culturing of human and animal cells in biology and medicine is presented. The key moments of induction and regulation of mitogenic cascades and their differences in cells of continuous lines, diploid cells, and primary cultures are discussed. Some variants of(More)
The article presents the results of a study of the current state of higher IT education system in Ukraine. The problems of reforming higher IT education system of Ukraine in accordance with the commitments made by Ukraine in connection with the ratification of the EU-Ukraine Agreement Law of Ukraine No 1678-VII of September 16, 2014. An indicator of the(More)
The connections between the presence of low molecular weight RSH-antioxidants (N-acetylcysteine, glutathione) in serum-free medium, generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), and proliferation of SP2/0-SF mouse myeloma cells have been demonstrated. It is shown that the presence of RSH compounds in the medium within the studied range of concentrations(More)
The bacterial hemoglobin vhbgene was cloned from sliding bacterium Vitreoscillasp. as an element of the system ensuring survival of this microorganism in an environment that contains insufficient amount of oxygen. The vhbgene was transferred fromEscherichia colito some Streptomycesstrains, producers of antibiotics, by the method of intergeneric conjugation(More)
Виявлено системну помилку реалізації проекту ЄТОНН та ЄІАС.NET, яка полягає у використанні розробниками ЄІАС.NET операційної системи Windows у складі програмного забезпечення ЄІАС.NET, яке відповідно до вимог технічного завдання на проектування ЄІАС.NET має забезпечити інформаційний обмін в режимі реального часу. Зроблено висновок про неможливість виконання(More)
PURPOSE To assess the effectiveness of two approaches of organ-sparing treatment in patients with invasive transitional cell bladder carcinoma. PATIENTS AND METHODS During the period from June 1996 to June 2000, 33 patients with invasive transitional cell carcinoma (T2-4) of the bladder were treated. Patients were divided into two groups. Group A included(More)
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