Valery Sorokin

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DC electric field in the ionosphere above seismically active regions can be formed in a process of external current insertion into the atmosphere-ionosphere electric circuit. This current arises as a result of convective upward transport of charged aerosols and their gravitational sedimentation. Aerosols are injected into the atmosphere by soil gases(More)
There is now a body of evidence to indicate that coupling occurs between the lithosphere–atmosphere–ionosphere prior to earthquake events. Nevertheless the physics of these phenomena and the possibilities of their use as part of an earthquake early warning system remain poorly understood. Proposed here is a programme to create a much greater understanding(More)
The influence of variations in conductivity and external electric current variations in the lower atmosphere on DC electric field over a seismic region is investigated. The external current is formed with the occurrence of convective upward transport of charged aerosols and their gravitational sedimentation in the atmosphere. This effect is related with the(More)
Performed is a comparative study of the characteristics of YAG:Ce luminescent converters with single-crystalline, cellular and polycrystalline structure obtained by the method of directed crystallization of the melt. Peculiarities of the structure and surface morphology of the converters are found to essentially influence their spectral characteristics and(More)
We demonstrate laser slowing of a hot thulium atomic beam using the nearly closed cycling transition 4f(13)6s(2)((2)F(o))(J=7/2)<-->4f(12)((3)H(5))5d(3/2)6s(2)(J=9/2) at 410.6 nm. Atoms are decelerated to velocities around 25 m/s by a 40 cm Zeeman slower. The flux of slowed atoms is evaluated as 10(7) s(-1)cm(-2). The experiment explicitly indicates the(More)
We have studied possible candidates for laser cooling transitions in 169 Tm in the spectral region 410 – 420 nm. By means of saturation absorption spectroscopy we have measured the hyperfine structure and rates of two nearly closed cycling transitions from the ground state 4f 13 6s 2 (2 F0)(Jg = 7/2) to upper states 4f 12 (3 H5)5d 3/2 6s 2 (Je = 9/2) at(More)
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