Valery S. Shchesnovich

Yuri S Kivshar3
Anton S Desyatnikov2
Solange B Cavalcanti2
3Yuri S Kivshar
2Solange B Cavalcanti
2Anton S Desyatnikov
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We study Zener tunneling in two-dimensional photonic lattices and derive, for the case of hexagonal symmetry, the generalized Landau-Zener-Majorana model describing resonant interaction between high-symmetry points of the photonic spectral bands. We demonstrate that this effect can be employed for the generation of Floquet-Bloch modes and verify the model(More)
We discuss the interband light tunneling in a two-dimensional periodic photonic structure, as studied recently in experiments for optically induced photonic lattices [Trompeter, Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 053903 (2006)]. We identify the Zener tunneling regime at the crossing of two Bloch bands, which occurs in the generic case of a Bragg reflection when the Bloch(More)
We study the closeness of an experimental unitary bosonic network with only partially indistinguishable bosons in an arbitrary mixed input state, in particular an experimental realization of the Boson-Sampling computer, to the ideal bosonic network, where the measure of closeness of two networks is the trace distance between the output probability(More)
We study, analytically and numerically, the dynamics of interband transitions in two-dimensional hexagonal periodic photonic lattices. We develop an analytical approach employing the Bragg resonances of different types and derive the effective multi-level models of the Landau-Zener-Majorana type. For two-dimensional periodic potentials without a tilt, we(More)
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