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In laboratory experiments, simultaneous continuous recording of the circadian cycle of behavioral reactions and cardiac activity of freshwater crayfish Astacus astacus and Procambarus clarkii was carried out. A non-invasive fiber-optic method of recording of the heart rate (HR) was used. The obtained data were analyzed by the method of variational(More)
Thomsen’s and Becker’s diseases are the most prevalent nondystrophic myotonias. Their frequency varies, according to different sources, from 1: 100000 to 1: 10000. Thomsen’s myotonia is autosomal dominant, and Becker’s myotonia is autosomal recessive. Both diseases result from mutations of the CLCN1 gene encoding chloride ion channels of skeletal muscles.(More)
The diversity of monogenic hereditary diseases (HDs) (autosomal dominant (AD), autosomal recessive (AR), and X-linked diseases) has been studied in five districts of Bashkortostan Republic: Burzyanskii, Abzelilovskii, Baimak, Salavatskii, and Arkhangel’skoe raions. The spectrum of HDs comprised 144 diseases, including 83, 48, and 13 AD, AR, and X-linked(More)
Under laboratory conditions, the rate of oxygen consumption and changes of inotropic and chronotropic parameters of work of the crayfish heart were studied under conditions of hypoxia and anoxia. In all studied crayfishes regardless of species and sex there exists regulation of the rate of oxygen consumption until its concentration in water about 1 mg/l at(More)
The review presents data on some peripheral and central structures in the system of perception of chemical stimuli in crayfish and other Decapoda. The hair receptors on chelipeds, antennas, and antennules are innervated by mechano- and chemoreceptor neurons. Antennules are crayfish specialized chemoreceptor organs whose surface contains groups of(More)
The changes in heart rate and circadian cardiac rhythm of crayfish Pontastacus leptodactylus Esch. kept in a lightning regime that is close to natural under optimal or low pH values were studied. The heart rate was registered in real time using an original noninvasive fiberoptic method. Upon acidification, disorders in circadian cardiac rhythm and organism(More)