Valery N. Mukhin

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We have detected the irregular genetic-population structure of residents of the Donetsk Province with respect to the AB0 and Rh systems with a general formula A > 0 > B > AB, the only exception being Slavyansk where it probably is 0 > A > B > AB. Two out of nine populations studied differed greatly from the others. The two other populations exhibited a high(More)
A number of studies showed association of mental status with heart rate variability. This work discovered a feature of frequency structure of heart rate variability that is associated with mental readiness. In three independent groups of 64, 39, and 19 volunteers by the factor analysis of heart rate periodograms, it has been discovered that there are at(More)
  • V N Mukhin
  • 2013
Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of the declarative memory disorder: 30-40% cases of dementia among all of age groups, and 50-60% among the people older 65 years. In addition, disorder of declarative memory is the genuine symptom of the disease, which certainly appears on early stage of the disease and it is an obligate diagnostic symptom.(More)
Frequency and heterozygosity indices of AB0 and Rh gene systems in the population of Donetsk Province were calculated. Uneven distribution of the genes was found and heterozygosity indices of the population were 0.554-0.573 for AB0 and 0.410-0.499 for Rh. Heterozygosity in this population was higher than average heterozygosity in total population of Ukraine(More)
AIM To study whether Chernobyl accident has implications for acute leukemia (AL) incidence rate in Donetsk region. MATERIALS AND METHODS Records of the Donetsk regional hematological center for new verified cases of AL have been analysed for 1977-1987 and 1989-1994. RESULTS Four years after the accident AL morbidity was higher than before the accident.(More)
Stress at any age, including at the early stages of postnatal development, leads to changes in the state and reactivity of the stress-related humoral systems, particularly the hypothalamo-hypophyseal-adrenal system (HHAS) and the dynorphin- κ-opioid system (DKOS). These changes are suggested to underlie a number of diseases. Stress-induced changes in the(More)
AIM On amnesia models induced by (icv) injection of β-amyloid fragment 25-35 peptide were evaluated antiamnestic actitity. MATERIAL AND METHODS It was used of active antibody preparations (RA AT) to protein S100 (tenoten), to eNOS (impaza) and combinations (divaza) antiamnestic activity behavioral tests novel object conditioned response passive avoidance.(More)
Literature data and results of our own research suggest that amplitude of periodic modulations of heart rate may be related to the cerebral cortex activity. Verification of this assumption was accomplished by searching for correlation between the heart rate periodogram (as a measure of amplitude of periodic modulations of heart rate at different(More)