Valery Golubev

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A clinical and electrophysiological analysis of tremor in patients with essential tremor and tremulous form of Parkinson's disease as well as healthy subjects has been conducted. The method of accelerometry was used for assessing the variability of frequency and amplitude tremor. A comparison of the time-domain characteristics and spectral components of(More)
The functional state of non-specific brain systems was studied in 27 patients with torsion dystonia through a complex of techniques, which included clinical, experimental psychological and electrophysiological examination of night sleep. Changes of involved nature have been identified in the various elements of non-specific systems in different clinical(More)
The present work is an analysis of 30 patients with Parkinsonian syndrome and 10 healthy persons during different functional states (aroused wakefulness, relaxed waking state, various phases and stages of nocturnal sleep, hypnosis). By means of polygraphic recordings and the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) it has been shown that motor,(More)
The therapeutic efficacy of the anticancer drug cisplatin is limited by the development of resistance. We therefore investigated newly synthesized platinum-nitroxyl complexes (PNCs) for their potential to circumvent cisplatin resistance. The complexes used were PNCs with bivalent cis-PtII(R·NH2)(NH3)Cl2 and cis-PtII(DAPO)Ox and four-valent platinum(More)
Seventy-three patients with neurotic disorders, aged 14-35 years, and 33 healthy controls have been examined using electroencephalographic method with spectral analysis of EEG, which has been conducted on the Brain Surfing system by the algorithm of direct Fourier transformation. The patients had changes of brain electric activity manifesting as(More)
To investigate psychophysiological features of panic disorder (PD) before and after treatment with citalopram, P300 auditory event-related potentials (ERPs) were recorded in 31 patients who met the DSM-IV criteria of PD and 24 age- and sex-matched normal controls. The ERPs were recorded during a standard two-tone discrimination task (oddball task). The(More)
Sixty patients with different types of Parkinson's disease (PD), the disease stage 2.3 +/- 0.08 according to Hoehn&Yahr scale, were treated with Pronoran. Impact of the drug on movement, cognitive and affective disorders assessed by corresponding scales and psychological tests has been studied. Pronoran exerted a positive effect on all the disorders. It(More)
To carry out a differential diagnosis of two facial dyskinesia (FD) models--facial hemispasm (FH) and facial paraspasm (FP), a combined program of electroneuromyographic (ENMG) examination has been created, using statistical analyses, including that for objects identification based on hybrid neural network with the application of adaptive fuzzy logic method(More)
The study aimed at investigating the ratio of movement disorders to cognitive and affective ones. The group of patients with Parkinson's disease (PD, n = 42) compared with those with brain tumors (n = 14), neurotic depression (n = 15) and normals (n = 20). Clinical, psychological and neurophysiologic (motor evoked potentials--MP) methods were used. Location(More)
One hundred and three children and adolescents, aged 10-17 years have been examined in the study: 78 neurotic patients with high and low anxiety level and 25 healthy children. Lusher's color test with anxiety expression evaluation according to L. Skott and psycholinguistic analysis of the reports on the dreams were the main methods used. In the dreams of(More)