Valery E. Krupnik

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Signaling by the Wnt family of extracellular proteins is critical in a variety of developmental processes in which cell and tissue polarity are established [1-5]. Wnt signal transduction has been studied mostly by the genetic approach in Drosophila and Caenorhabditis elegans [1,2,5], but the biochemical mechanisms involved remain to be elucidated. The Wnt(More)
We produced the monoclonal antibody RT10F7, characterized its antigenic specificity and expression in the adult and developing retina, in cultured retinal cells and in other parts of the central nervous system. In metabolically-labelled retinal cultures RT10F7 immunoprecipitated a protein of approximately 36,000 mol. wt. In the adult, RT10F7 stained endfeet(More)
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