Valery A. Moiseev

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Comparative analysis of 1H NMR spectroscopy and refractometry with respect to their application for investigating the distribution of nonelectrolytes of n-alcohol series (ethanol, 1,2-propanediol, glycerol) and polyethylene glycols (PEGs) with molecular masses of 400, 600, 1500 between human erythrocytes and extracellular medium was performed. The(More)
Hemodynamics were studied in 10 patients with high (cervical) spinal cord injury in a change to a vertical position. They were fitted with special antioverexertion gear (AOG) consisting of an abdominal, two thigh, and two knee inflatable rubber cuffs in which pressure of +50 mm Hg was produced. Measurements were taken every minute of arterial pressure,(More)
We have studied the influence of the erythrocyte hypothermic storage of long-tailed ground squirrels at various physiological states and white mongrel rats on the impairment of the barrier function of their membranes for ferricyanide. The membranes of sleeping and awakening ground squirrels demonstrate the highest stability (the structural integrity is(More)
The simulation results of the Bunch Shape Monitor operation using coherent transformation of a time structure of an analyzed high-intensity electron beam into a spatial one of low-energy electrons emitted from a wire target will be presented. The electromagnetic field of an analyzed bunch disturbs the trajectories of secondary electrons, thus resulting in a(More)
By means of the fluorescence probes pyrene, DSP-12 and n-terphenyl the effect of low temperature, glycerol and 1,2-propylene glycol on the structure of lecithin liposomes and proteoliposomes formed by lecithin and cytochrome P-450 has been studied. Freezing-thawing and cryoprotectants were shown to modify surface area and internal volume of the lipid(More)