Valery A. Gaiko

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Two-dimensional polynomial dynamical systems are mainly considered. We develop Erugin’s two-isocline method for the global analysis of such systems, construct canonical systems with field-rotation parameters and study various limit cycle bifurcations. In particular, we show how to carry out the classification of separatrix cycles and consider the most(More)
In this paper, the global qualitative analysis of planar quadratic dynamical systems is established and a new geometric approach to solving Hilbert’s Sixteenth Problem in this special case of polynomial systems is suggested. Using geometric properties of four field rotation parameters of a new canonical system which is constructed in this paper, we present(More)
In this paper, using geometric properties of the field rotation parameters, we present a solution of Smale’s Thirteenth Problem on the maximum number of limit cycles for Liénard’s polynomial system. We also generalize the obtained result and present a solution of Hilbert’s Sixteenth Problem on the maximum number of limit cycles surrounding a singular point(More)