Valeriya Malysheva

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Estrogen and progesterone reception was examined in the endometrial cytoplasmic and nuclear fraction from apparently healthy subjects and patients with habitual late incompetent pregnancy in the early proliferative and late secretory periods of a menstrual cycle. The reception of the two reproductive hormones in the nuclei and the binding of estrogens in(More)
Cell lineages, which shape the body architecture and specify cell functions, derive from the integration of a plethora of cell intrinsic and extrinsic signals. These signals trigger a multiplicity of decisions at several levels to modulate the activity of dynamic gene regulatory networks (GRNs), which ensure both general and cell-specific functions within a(More)
Measurements of prostaglandins E2 and F2 alpha in the endometrium of 35 women of a reproductive age, suffering from habitual abortions in late pregnancy terms, have shown elevation of these prostaglandin levels in the secretory phase as against the reference group and their normal values during the proliferative phase. It is possible, that disordered(More)
Alterations in genetic and epigenetic landscapes are known to contribute to the development of different types of cancer. However, the mechanistic links between transcription factors and the epigenome which coordinate the deregulation of gene networks during cell transformation are largely unknown. We used an isogenic model of stepwise tumorigenic(More)
Cortisol was measured in 50 parturients with low birthweight (LBW) fetuses in the course of vaginal delivery (n-18) and cesarean section (n-32). Twenty normal parturients whose pregnancy and labor were uncomplicated were taken as controls. In the main group, low birthweights corresponded to gestational age in 30 parturients, and fetal growth retardation(More)
A study was made of estrogen and progesterone reception of the endometrial cytoplasmatic and nuclear fractions of healthy women and women suffering from late habitual abortion in the early proliferative and late secretory phases of the menstrual cycle. Reception of both sex hormones in the nuclei and estrogen binding in the endometrial cytosol of women with(More)
Proximity ligation-mediated methods are essential to study the impact of three-dimensional chromatin organization on gene programming. Albeit significant progress has been made in the development of computational tools that assess long-range chromatin interactions, next to nothing is known about the quality of the generated datasets. We have developed(More)