Valeriya Lykina

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In this paper we treat a resource allocation model defined on an infinite interval. We show that the solution of the corresponding problem with finite horizon cannot be extended to a solution of the infinite horizon problem, since the resource allocation problem in the unmodified setting does not have a solution on an unbounded interval. To change this(More)
In this paper, we deal with infinite horizon optimal control problems involving affine-linear dynamics and prove the existence of optimal solutions. The innovation of this paper lies in the special setting of the problem, precisely in the choice of weighted Sobolev and weighted Lebesgue spaces as the state and control spaces, respectively, which turns out(More)
Still at the beginning of the previous century the optimal control problems with infinite horizon became very important with regards to applications in economics and biology, where an infinite horizon seems to be a very natural phenomenon, (5), (3), (10). Since then these problems were treated by many authors and various necessary, sufficient as well as(More)
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