Valeriy N Lopatin

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We analyze the relation between spherical particle parameters (size parameter ? and relative refractive index m ) and light-scattering indicatrix parameters (fringe pitch and visibility) for ?and m ranging from 7 to 88 and from 1.025 to 1.2, respectively. We consider formation of the indicatrix structure under variation of size parameter ? and phase-shift(More)
Some characteristics of bacterioplankton--generation time, daily (P) and specific (P/B) bacterioplankton production, and bacterial metabolic coefficient K2--in the loess-containing Lake Khanka were determined using five modifications of the bacterial-count procedure with the fluorescent dyes fluorescamin and erythrosin. Experiments showed that the(More)
New analytical method is used to estimate hydrodynamic forces produced by dolphin's flukes. A mathematical model is proposed that describes dolphin's flukes as a flat rigid rectangular wing whose pitch axis location varies, heaving and pitching amplitudes are sufficiently large, and the phase angle shift for the combined oscillations can change arbitrarily.(More)
The effect of mineral particulate matter on the population of bacterioplankton, its aggregation, and productive characteristics was studied in model experiments with different concentrations of particulate kaolin and the same concentration of organic substance (sodium humate). It was found that the presence of mineral particulate matter stimulated the(More)
The inductive reactance of a flat and rigid wing performing harmonic oscillations with a sufficiently large amplitude at an arbitrary position of the axis of rotation was estimated. In the plane problem, analytical expressions for the components of inductive reactance through the coefficients of hydrodynamic derivatives for harmonic variations in the angle(More)