Valeriy I Marchenko

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As is known, metal (Cu, Zn, Co, Ni, and Fe) polyacrylates possess weak antimicrobial activity determined to a considerable extent by the content of the metal in the polymer macromolecule [1]. For example, the well-known hemostatic feracryl, representing the incomplete iron salt of poly(acrylic acid) (PAA) with an iron content varying from 0.05 to 0.5% [2,(More)
Polycrystalline hydroxyapatites Ca(10-x)REE(x)(PO(4))(6)(OH)(2-x)O(x) were synthesized and studied by X-ray powder diffraction, infrared absorption, diffuse-reflectance spectroscopy, and thermogravimetry. The solubility limits x(max) of rare earth elements (REE) in Ca hydroxyapatites decreases with an increasing REE atomic number from x(max) = 2.00 for La,(More)
We discuss the stick-slip motion of an elastic block sliding along a rigid substrate. We argue that for a given external shear stress this system shows a discontinuous nonequilibrium transition from a uniform stick state to uniform sliding at some critical stress which is nothing but the Griffith threshold for crack propagation. An inhomogeneous mode of(More)
We discuss the coarsening process of melt inclusions inside a solid phase. Elastic effects lead to an oblate shape of the particles, resulting in a system with strong diffusional and elastic interactions between inclusions. The usual mean-field approximation breaks down and several independent length scales have to be taken into account. In a system of(More)
Decreased resistance to Krebs-2 ascitic carcinoma was demonstrated in mice which were in the state of hyporesponsiveness (tolerance) to virus interferon inducer (NDV) and increased resistance of the control mice to transplantation of tolerant carcinoma cells. Manifestations of tolerance in peritoneal and carcinoma cells were shown to be identical:(More)