Valeriu Moldoveanu

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We address the existence of steady state Green-Keldysh correlation functions of interacting fermions in mesoscopic systems for both the partitioning and partition-free scenarios. Under some spectral assumptions on the non-interacting model and for sufficiently small interaction strength, we show that the system evolves to a NESS which does not depend on the(More)
4 Recently, Avron et al in [1],.. . ,[5] shed new light on the question of quantum transport in mesoscopic samples coupled to particle reservoirs by semi-infinite leads. They rigorously treat the case when the sample undergoes an adiabatic evolution thus generating a current through the leads, and prove the so called BPT formula, see [9]. Using a discrete(More)
: The usual experimental set-up for measuring the wave function phase shift of electrons tunneling through a quantum dot (QD) embedded in a ring (i.e., the transmittance phase) is the so-called 'open' interferometer as first proposed by Schuster et al. in 1997, in which the electrons back-scattered at source and the drain contacts are absorbed by additional(More)
We study the dynamics of a 1D Bloch electron subjected to a constant electric field. The periodic potential is supposed to be less singular than the δ-like potential (Dirac comb). We give a rigorous proof of Ao's result [2] that for a large class of initial conditions (high momentum regime) there is no localization in momentum space. The proof is based on(More)
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