Valerio Rossini

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CD69 is highly expressed by lymphocytes at mucosal surfaces. We aimed to investigate the role of CD69 in mucosal immune responses. The expression of CD69 by CD4 T cells isolated from the spleen, mesenteric lymph nodes, small intestinal lamina propria, and colonic lamina propria was determined in specific pathogen-free B6 and TCR transgenic animals, as well(More)
Innate immune cells, such as intestinal epithelial cells, dendritic cells (DCs), macrophages, granulocytes, and innate lymphoid cells provide a first line of defence to enteric pathogens. To study the role of CX(3)CR1(+) DCs and macrophages in host defence, we infected CX(3)CR1-GFP animals with Citrobacter rodentium. When transgenic CX(3)CR1-GFP animals are(More)
Migration of naïve and activated lymphocytes is regulated by the expression of various molecules such as chemokine receptors and ligands. CD69, the early activation marker of C-type lectin domain family, is also shown to regulate the lymphocyte migration by affecting their egress from the thymus and secondary lymphoid organs. Here, we aimed to investigate(More)
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