Valerio Petrini

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Nowadays the technologies aimed at improving the quality of life of people affected by visual diseases are quite common; e.g., devices to support walking or reading. Surprisingly, there is a lack of innovative technologies aimed at helping visually impaired athletes during physical activities. An example is represented by blind runners who need to be(More)
Sport is one of the best ways to promote the social integration of people affected by physical disability, because it helps them to increase their self-esteem by facing difficulties and overcoming their disabilities. Nowadays, a large number of sports can be easily played by visually impaired and blind athletes without any special supports, but, there are(More)
The non-contact measurement of the respiration rate of a subject offers several interesting applications in hospital as well as in domestic environments. The use of electromagnetic waves has been proved to be a feasible approach to this purpose. In this paper, authors present a novel measurement method, based on the transmission of a frequency sweep and the(More)
Currently, the availability of technology developed to increase the autonomy of visually impaired athletes during sports is limited. The research proposed in this paper (Part I and Part II) focuses on the realization of an electromagnetic system that can guide a blind runner along a race track without the need for a sighted guide. In general, the system is(More)
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