Valerio Pappalardo

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Automatic generation of a controller implementation from a synchronous reactive model is among the best practices for software development in the automotive and aeronautics industry, because of the possibility of simulation, model checking, and error-free implementation. This paper discusses an algorithm for optimizing the single-processor multitask(More)
Typical use cases like financial trading or monitoring of manufacturing equipment pose huge challenges regarding end to end latency as well as throughput towards existing data stream processing systems. Established solutions like Apache S4 or Storm need to scale out to a large set of hosts to meet these challenges. An ideal system can react to workload(More)
Elasticity describes the ability of any distributed system to scale to a varying number of hosts in response to workload changes. It has become a mandatory architectural property for state of the art cloud-based data stream processing systems, as it allows treatment of unexpected load peaks and cost-efficient execution at the same time. Although such(More)
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