Valerio De Vita

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Epiluminescence microscopy (ELM) is a non invasive technique used to enhance visualization of microscopic structures of pigmented lesions for the early detection of melanoma. The 7 point check list is a diagnostic method that requires the identification of only seven dermoscopic criteria, defining the image through the use of algorithms. This paper(More)
The incidence rate of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer entities is dramatically increasing worldwide. Exposure to UVB radiation is known to induce basal and squamous cell skin cancer in a dose-dependent way and the depletion of stratospheric ozone has implications for increases in biologically damaging solar UVB radiation reaching the earth's surface.(More)
An image based system implementing a wellknown diagnostic method is disclosed for the automatic detection of melanomas as support to clinicians. The software procedure is able to recognize automatically the skin lesion within the digital image, measure morphological and chromatic feature, carry out a suitable classification for the detection of structural(More)
Introduction: Periorbital wrinkles are very common and permanent cutaneous folds that develop on the periocular area. The treatment for wrinkles varies with the degree of severity. A relatively new treatment, called collagen induction therapy (CIT), seems to be appropriate for the treatment of periorbital wrinkles. Objective: To confi rm the usefulness of(More)
Melasma is a common hypermelanotic disorder affecting the facial area which has a considerable psychological impact on the patient. Managing melasma is a difficult challenge that requires long-term treatment with a number of topical agents, such as rucinol and sophora-alpha. Aims. We aim to compare the combined treatment of skin needling and depigmenting(More)
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