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Chaotic signals have been proposed as broadband information carriers with the potential of providing a high level of robustness and privacy in data transmission. Laboratory demonstrations of chaos-based optical communications have already shown the potential of this technology, but a field experiment using commercial optical networks has not been undertaken(More)
How language is encoded by neural activity in the higher-level language areas of humans is still largely unknown. We investigated whether the electrophysiological activity of Broca's area correlates with the sound of the utterances produced. During speech perception, the electric cortical activity of the auditory areas correlates with the sound envelope of(More)
A novel telemetric system based on either differential pulse voltammetry (DPV) or direct current amperometry (DCA) by using a diffused infrared transmission channel is presented. Unlike similar pre-existing instruments based on infrared transmission, the present system works on a single-way communication, thus avoiding problems related to cross-talking(More)
— At the simplest level of implementation for an optical system, chaos and complexity are generated by the self-coupled laser configuration, when the field back-reflected from a remote target is allowed to re-enter in the laser cavity. The delay of the go-and-return path is the parameter governing complexity, and together with the second-order cavity(More)
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