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Due to low-power transmission and robustness to multipath fading, Ultra Wideband at Physical layer is an ideal platform for WSN applications, but for the effective use: compatibility with MAC Layer is a challenge. In this paper we have proposed a compatible MAC technique, which well fits with the ultra-wideband and works well for in-door WSN-applications.(More)
In today’s high-tech “SMART” world, sensor-based networks are widely used. The main challenge with wireless-based sensor networks is the underneath PHY (physical) layer. In this survey, we have identified core obstacles of wireless sensor network when UWB (Ultra-Wideband) is used at PHY layer. A systematic approach is used to assess the effectiveness of UWB(More)
The following paper examines problems in fast wireless data acquisition and proposes solution. The paper examines the area of autonomously controlled vehicles. Necessity of well-timed data in such an application is vital, since moving vehicle could damage itself and surroundings. As an example of such a task, authors use recent FP7 project - STRATOS.(More)
In the field of wireless sensor network (WSN), Pilot Assisted Transmission (PAT) is a new concept. In our previous research, a mac layer algorithm called, “PA-MAC” was designed, which exclusively uses PAT technique for the medium access control. The performance of PA-MAC was evaluated under multihop and single hop WSNs. It was excellent under a single hop(More)
Ultra Wideband has a long list of qualities, whichmake it an emerging transmission technology for the wirelesssensor network. In our previous work, it was used insimulation labs under Pilot Signal Assisted MAC algorithmwith prominent results. After the successful implementationunder simulation platform, it was decided to test itseffectiveness on real(More)
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