Valerij Makarov

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It is known that secondary transporters, which utilize transmembrane ionic gradients to drive their substrates up a concentration gradient, can reverse the uptake and instead release their substrates. Unfortunately, the Michaelis-Menten kinetic scheme, which is popular in transporter studies, does not include transporter reversal, and it completely neglects(More)
We report that hemozoin nanocrystals demonstrate superparamagnetic properties, with direct measurements of the synthetic hemozoin magnetization. The results show that the magnetic permeability constant varies from μ = 4585 (at -20 °C) to 3843 (+20 °C), with the values corresponding to a superparamagnetic system. Similar results were obtained from the(More)
In the present work we study how sensory inputs conveyed by nerve fibers in the form of spatiotemporal patterns generate different responses in the central nervous system (CNS) depending on the physical characteristics of the stimulus applied and then we reproduce similar responses by means of electrical stimulation of the nervous fibers.
For inquiry of application of ultrasonic method [UT] possibilities at composite materials inspection specimens based on the carbon fibres that correspond to structure aircraft elements were designed and made. Applied specimens were made of different composite materials with various numbers of layers and various thicknesses. For simulation of delaminating in(More)