Valerie V. Cross

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We present the participation of LogMap and its variants in the OAEI 2016 campaign. The LogMap project started in January 2011 with the objective of developing a scalable and logic-based ontology matching system. This is our seventh participation in the OAEI and the experience has so far been very positive. LogMap is one of the few systems that participates(More)
An emphasis has been placed on the use of ontologies for representing application domain knowledge. Determining a degree or measure of semantic similarity, semantic distance, or semantic relatedness between concepts from different systems or domains, is becoming an increasingly important task. This paper presents a brief overview of such measures between(More)
Numerous measures have been proposed to determine the semantic relatedness between words. Earlier approaches rely on the location of the words within the structure of a terminological ontology and are categorized into distance-based or information content models. More recently research has considered the overlapping of attributes or relationships, i.e.,(More)
Ontology alignment (OA) systems developed over the past decade produced alignments by using lexical, structural and logical similarity measures between concepts in two different ontologies. To improve the OA process, string-based matchers were extended to look up synonyms for source and target concepts in background or external knowledge sources such as(More)
The success of the semantic Web has been linked with the use of ontologies on the semantic Web. Given the important role of ontologies on the semantic Web, the need for domain ontology development and management are increasingly more and more important to most kinds of knowledge-driven applications. More and more these ontologies are being used for(More)
The tocopherol transfer protein (TTP) is a member of the CRAL-TRIO family of lipid binding proteins that facilitates vitamin E transfer between membrane vesicles in vitro. In cultured hepatocytes, TTP enhances the secretion of tocopherol to the media; presumably, tocopherol transfer is at the basis of this biological activity. The mechanism underlying(More)