Valerie Trubnik

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PURPOSE To investigate the correlation between structural and functional damage in patients with asymmetric glaucoma using a newly developed short duration transient visual evoked potential (SD-tVEP) device. METHODS Twenty-five patients with visual acuity ≥20/30 and asymmetric visual field (VF) loss [inter-eye difference in mean deviation index (MD) of at(More)
PURPOSE To compare the intraocular pressure (IOP) response after the water drinking test (WDT) in patients who have undergone trabeculectomy or tube shunt surgery. METHODS This prospective study examined 40 eyes of 34 open-angle glaucoma subjects who had undergone trabeculectomy (n=20) or tube shunt surgery (n=20). Both groups were matched by IOP range(More)
PURPOSE To identify risk factors for glaucoma drainage device (GDD) erosions. PATIENTS AND METHODS In a retrospective comparative case series, medical records of 1013 patients who underwent GDD surgery performed by 5 surgeons between 2006 and 2011 were reviewed. The outcome measures assessed included age, race, sex, contact lens wear, seasonal allergies,(More)
PURPOSE To describe a modified suturing technique for the treatment of hypotony. METHODS A prospective case series of 15 patients with hypotony from an overfiltering trabeculectomy underwent full-thickness hypotony sutures. The technique involves placing several radial interrupted 10-0 nylon sutures in the area of the prior trabeculectomy. The suture pass(More)
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