Valerie Rigau

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BACKGROUND/AIMS To compare the reliability of preoperative stereoencephalography (SEEG) and intraoperative electrostimulation regarding functional mapping, and to select the indication for surgery for focal cortical dysplasia (FCD) in language areas. METHODS The authors present the case of a 21-year-old, right-handed female, suffering from chronic(More)
Embryonal tumor with multilayered rosettes (ETMR), including embryonal tumor with abundant neuropil and true rosettes (ETANTR), and ependymoblastoma (EBL) constitute a distinct entity of the primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET) family. The presence of a focal amplification at chromosome region 19q13.42 associated with an up-regulation of the oncogenic(More)
Inherited retinal dystrophies (IRDs) comprise a large group of genetically and clinically heterogeneous diseases that lead to progressive vision loss, for which a paucity of disease-mimicking animal models renders preclinical studies difficult. We sought to develop pertinent human cellular IRD models, beginning with choroideremia, caused by mutations in the(More)
Although growth hormone (GH)- and prolactin (PRL)-secreting pituitary adenomas are considered benign, in many patients, tumour growth and/or invasion constitute a particular challenge. In other tumours, progression relies in part on dysfunction of intercellular adhesion mediated by the large family of cadherins. In the present study, we have explored the(More)
BACKGROUND Secondary gliosarcomas are rare tumors, especially those arising from a World Health Organization (WHO) grade II glioma not irradiated. We report a case with subtotal resection for a WHO grade II oligoastrocytoma, without adjuvant treatment, whose metaplastic transformation into gliosarcoma suddenly occurred 4 years later with meningeal(More)
PURPOSE The role of cerebrovascular dysfunction in seizure disorders is recognized. Blood-brain barrier (BBB) damage in epilepsy has been linked to endothelial and glial pathophysiological changes. Little is known about the involvement of pericytes, a cell type that contributes to BBB function. METHODS NG2DsRed mice were used to visualize cerebrovascular(More)
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