Valerie Richardson

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OBJECTIVE To identify perceptions of Lower Mississippi Delta (LMD) residents regarding factors that influence a change in healthful food consumption behavior to assist in planning sustainable nutrition interventions in the LMD. DESIGN Nine focus groups were conducted with LMD residents in 9 counties in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. One focus group(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the agreement between perceptions, behaviors, and ability to purchase healthful food in the Lower Mississippi Delta (LMD). DESIGN A regional food store survey of healthful food options in supermarkets, small/medium stores, and convenience stores. Focus group discussions were conducted on shopping perceptions and behaviors. SETTING(More)
PURPOSE To explore the nutrition and physical activity perceptions of children for planning a healthy weight curriculum to address childhood obesity in African-American children living in the Lower Mississippi Delta (LMD). DESIGN Six children's focus group sessions. SETTING Two Louisiana parishes in the LMD. SUBJECTS Seventy 8- to 13-year-old(More)
SirJohn Sulston was a co-winner ofthe Nobel Prizefor Medicine in 2002. He won theprizefor his discoveries concerning "genetic regulation ofoigan developmentanddprogrammed cell death, "along with his colleagues Sydney BrennerandH. Robert Horvitz. LI: Sulston wasfounding director ofthe Sanger Centre, Cambridge, England, wvhich he headedfivm 1992 to 2000. From(More)
Multiple demographic, health, and environmental factors may influence the overall quality of diets among rural middle-aged and older adults. This project compared the diet quality of participants in Foods of Our Delta Survey (FOODS 2000) who were aged 55 years and older with national data. The data were assessed using 24-hour dietary recall methodology and(More)
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