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CpG signalling, H2A.Z/H3 acetylation and microRNA-mediated deferred self-attenuation orchestrate foetal NOS3 expression
BackgroundAn adverse intrauterine environment leads to permanent physiological changes including vascular tone regulation, potentially influencing the risk for adult vascular diseases. We thereforeExpand
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DNA Methylation Analysis in the Intestinal Epithelium—Effect of Cell Separation on Gene Expression and Methylation Profile
Background Epigenetic signatures are highly cell type specific. Separation of distinct cell populations is therefore desirable for all epigenetic studies. However, to date little information isExpand
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Improving the Preoperative Diagnostic Accuracy of Acute Appendicitis. Can Fecal Calprotectin Be Helpful?
Background Is the patient really suffering from acute appendicitis? Right lower quadrant pain is the most common sign of acute appendicitis. However, many other bowels pathologies might mimic acuteExpand
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[Exact measurement of the volume effect of 6% hydoxyethyl starch 130/0.4 (Voluven) during acute preoperative normovolemic hemodilution].
BACKGROUND What is the effect of preoperative acute normovolemic hemodilution (ANH) with 6% hydroxyethyl starch (HES) 130/0.4 (Voluven) on blood volume? METHODS In 10 patients undergoing radicalExpand
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Long-Term Suppression of Hepatitis B Virus Replication by Short Hairpin RNA Expression Using the Scaffold/Matrix Attachment Region-Based Replicating Vector System pEPI-1
ABSTRACT Since the emergence of viral resistance of hepatitis B virus (HBV) during treatment is becoming an important issue even with newer drugs, there is a need for alternative treatment optionsExpand
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Restitution of gene expression and histone acetylation signatures altered by hepatitis B virus through antiviral microRNA-like molecules in nontransformed murine hepatocytes
BackgroundVirus-host interactions result in altered gene expression profiles in host cell nuclei and enable virus particle production, thus obligatorily involving changes in their epigenomes. NeitherExpand
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Mutation frequency of NS5A in patients vertically infected with HCV genotype 1 predicts sustained virological response to peginterferon alfa‐2b and ribavirin combination therapy
Summary.  Viral genome analyses performed in adult HCV‐patients yielded very inconsistent results and are not transferable to children who are often infected vertically during a state of high immuneExpand
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Invariant natural killer T cells are reduced in peripheral blood of bullous pemphigoid patients and accumulate in lesional skin
iNKT (invariant natural killer T) cells are unconventional immunoregulatory T cells which contribute to B cell maturation, antibody and cytokine production. iNKT cells are implicated in the controlExpand
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β6 integrinosis: a new lethal autosomal recessive ITGB6 disorder leading to impaired conformational transitions of the αVβ6 integrin receptor
We read with interest the recent work by Schleier et al 1 demonstrating consequences of impaired α4β7 integrin-dependent gut homing of intestinal macrophages on wound healing, which fits well withExpand